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Based on view-point of sustainable development, personnel are always considered as key factor of enterprise by top management. To implement this concept, the health of all employees is always played a very important role.

Company already built up a well equipped medical center with personnel of 01 doctor and 03 nurses to serve illness of employee, not only in working time but also in off working time.

Yearly, items for health examination for entire employee implemented are always more than required by regulation of Ministry of public health. Based on health checking results and based on particular case the company will give financial sponsor for complete treatment. Consequently, these actions have caused very positive reactions from employees, and make them to have goodwill to serve company in long term.

During working, labor protection facility is very important for employee and company, every employee is equipped fully personal labor protection facility, such as: safety shoes, mask, safety hat,... especially heat resistant clothes are equipped for employees who work in high temperature environment.

Being a cement production enterprise with state of the art technology and closed production lines from raw material input to finished goods output, but major fuels for processing are coal and FO, fire and explosion risks are very high. Therefore, company is interested in investment for purchasing high quality fire fighting and prevention facilities to face incident if happened.

+ 02 fire-engines with water tank of 02 m3 and 6 m3 were equipped alternately.

+ 01 fire pump driven by Diesel engine and 01 electrical pump with jockey pump attached are installed.

+ 01 pump driven by TOHASU gasoline engine with capacity 100m³/h was installed in explosive WH to counteract with incident .

+ Entire fire alarm systems are operated automatically by center control from CCR.

+ Besides, 287 portable fire extinguisher are fixed at every Department for initial fire fighting.

At any location, which shows high risk of fire or explosion, is permanently posted by fire fighting orders and instructions.

Yearly the company in co-operation with HP fire fighting and prevention police to organize training course for employees, who are working in area with or frequently in contact with high risk of fire and explosion, propaganda campaign to improve awareness of fire and explosion is also implemented yearly to every employee.

Based on strict conformity with fire fighting law and other legal regulation under law such as: Decree 35/2004 of Government, Circular 04/2005 of Security public Ministry, and effective training and propaganda as well, since 2001 the company has not had any regret incident of fire and explosion happened. 

Chinfon Cement Nov 01, 2012

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