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The main materials (limestone & clay) are exploited at quarries located nearby the plant and transported to the primary & secondary crushers for crushing, and then carried to storage by belt conveyor & stacked by stacker for homogenizing. The corrective materials (diatomite, iron ore) are carried to the plant by waterway, then unloaded into storages.

These four raw materials are carried to the separated bins at the top of hopper house. Each raw material is extracted from the respective hoppers in proportion to the mixing ratio by means of each weight feeder equipped with a speed controller, then fed into the raw mill. In the raw mill, the raw materials is ground to designed fineness (called raw meal) and dried by preheater exit gas. The fine raw meal is separated by classifier and collected by electrostatic precipitator, then stored into blending silos.

The homogenized raw meal is discharged from blending silos, carried to the top of preheater by bucket elevators, and then falls down from C1 to C4, through mixing chamber, then to C5. Through this process, the temperature of raw meal is increased to 900 ~ 950oC, the chemical water separation & decarbonation take place. Then raw meal gets into rotary kiln, its temperature is continuously increased to 1,450oC, a part of raw meal is melted, the reactions forming hydraulic minerals occur strongly, clinker is formed and moved down to kiln discharge-end at temperature to be 1,250oC. Hot clinker is suddenly cooled by fresh air to temperature 120 ~ 150oC at clinker cooler, crushed by hammer then moved into silos by pan conveyor.

Cement is produced by grinding clinker (discharged from silos) mixed with gypsum and additives (limestone, backstone, pozzolana). Depending on the kind of cement & its quality requirement, clinker & gypsum and additives are fed into grinding system in proportion to mixing ratios by weight feeders. The fine cement at desired fineness is separated from the mills by seperator, collected by bag filter and then stored into silos.

Cement is discharged from silos, then packed into paper bag 50kg; big bag 1,500kg; or into bulk truck. 

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