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The Hoa Dao Cement is produced using a close and modern production process With high quality, Hoa Dao cement is gaining affirms footing not only in the local market but in the regional countries. Following are Chinfon cement’s pre-eminent features

  -   Stable physicochemical properties

  -   High mortar and concrete’s workability, easy to pump and execute

  -   Suitable for high-quality constructions

  -   Fast development short construction time

  -   Strengthen durability with time by time

  -   High osmosis resistance and weathered resistance

-     Suitable with Vietnamese climate


Paper bag 50kg: is design with 2 Kraft paper layers, outside layer laminate with PP fiber brought durability and long life. This kind of cement bag suitable for civil, small and medium-scale construction projects.

A great variety of concrete products have been introduced to the market to meet diverse to demands of the local and foreign market. to name a few, Prorland is suitable to civil construction work; a dry cement is suitable to mixture stations and giant construction work.

With "Peach Blossom" Cement we will set your mind at rest because of quality products and considerate service.


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