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Chinfon Cement Corporation is one of the leading Companies in Vietnam cement industry particularly and in building material production industry generally. In nearly 20 years of construction and operation, Chinfon Cement has continuously striven, invested for extension of production and business activities, always conformed to the law, contributed considerably for community and social activities, therein awareness of environment protection is always a key interest of Company in development.  

Since from initial stage of operation, top management board of Company had paid much attention in environment protection activity. Good implementation of environment protection up to now, not only has initiated from responsibility and obligation of enterprise as stipulated by law, but also originated from stable development objective of Company “effective production and business must be attachable with environment protection responsibility, employee’s health care, responsibility for community and citizen’s obligation implementation”. So, environment protection policy of Company has always emphasized and imparted widely in company: 

Undertake to protect environment.

Strictly conform to the law.

Entire employee, nationwide, team up one another for implementation of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.

The company actively built up, has maintained and frequently updated environment management system ISO 14001 from 2003 so far. With total area of 85,000 m2, company has utilized 20% of total area, equivalent with 16,000 m2 for greening. So thousand m2 of grass carpet and about ten thousand m2 of green tree were planted, ecological lake as well as green field for walker, and other entertainment facilities were also built to make company environment more and more “green – clean – beautiful”.

So far, the company has strictly conformed to all requirements of environment protection law as well as undertakings stated in Environment Impact Assessment report (EIA), and up to now the company has applied and got the following certificates and licenses from authorities:

- Decision No. 1137 of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) dated 24/06/2009 for EIA approval of limestone quarry.

- Decision No. 2416 of Haiphong people’s Committee dated 01/12/2009 for EIA approval of clay quarry.

- Decision No. 2901 of Ministry of Scientific, Technologies and Environment (MoSTE) dated 16/12/1994 for EIA approval of production line #1.

- Decision No. 1070 of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) dated 17/07/2007 for EIA approval of production line #2.

- Decision No. 0386 of Haiphong people’s Committee dated 10/03/2008 for EIA approval of extended loading jetty 2,000 DWT.

- Decision No. 1170 of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) dated 08/06/2011 for environment restoration plan approval of limestone quarry “Than Vi”.

- Confirmative certificate No. 690 dated 13/04/2010 of General Department of Environment for completion of requirements and undertakings implemented on request of production line #2 project’s EIA.

- Registration book issued by Haiphong DoNRE for hazardous waste source owner with code 31.000148 dated 09/06/2009.

- License No. 2586, dated 24/12/2009 of Haiphong people’s Committee for discharging living waste water into water source.

- Confirmative certificate No. 16 dated 30/03/2012 of Haiphong DoNRE for completion of requirements and undertakings implemented on request of extended loading jetty project’s EIA.

- Accredited certificate of ISO 14001:2004/Cor.1:2009.

Chinfon Cement Corporation is the leading Company of Haiphong in contribution for mineral resources tax and environment protection fee.

- Mineral resources tax since 1997 up to now is VND 20,496,000,000.

- Environment protection fee for minerals exploitation and for waste water up to now is VND 18,700,000,000.

Periodical environment monitoring and reporting.

Since initial stage of operation, yearly company perform well environment monitoring, all results of measurement have been in permissible range stipulated by law such as: Dust concentration, NOx, SOx, CO contents, waste water quality,...

Yearly expense for environment protection.

Yearly expense for environment protection aspect is about VND billions with routine work such as: Collection and treatment of solid waste and hazardous waste; fertilizer and man force for green tree maintenance; environment monitoring...

Especially in recent years, company has invested comprehensively in equipment and infrastructure improvement to make better environment for employees, and residents in vicinity as well.

-  Dust sweeping car and water spraying car for cleaning up internal road with frequency of 04 times/day for entire Plant site.

-  Living waste water treatment station with capacity of 100 m3/day.

-  Noise silencers for bag filter of both coal mills with cost of VND 500 million.

-  Boundary walls of Plant were heightened up to reduce noise to vicinity residents, cost of USD 67,800.

-  All side walls of open storages were covered by steel sheet to prevent dust emission, these of limestone crushers also were covered by insulation sheet to reduce noise and dust emission, cost of USD 465,000.

-  Working shifts of quarry side were changed suitably to minimize negative impacts to residents.

-  Entire 08 cement silos were installed with anti-spillage towers to prevent environment incidents with cost of USD 70,000.

 In addition with the abovementioned, Company has performed and continues:

-  Performing enhancement for higher efficiency of EP, cost of VND 20 billion for completion period from 2011~2013.

-  Setting up oil spillage response plan for company jetties.

-  Deploying heat recovering system project for power generation to minimize environment pollution.

-  Continue doing formalities to get confirmative certificates for completion of requirements and undertakings implemented for EIA of limestone quarry Chin den”.

-  Frequently perform propaganda for awareness of environment protection to every employee.

 With many efforts and specific activities mentioned above of entire employees as well as of management board in environment protection aspect, in 2008 the company meritoriously has received and won “sustainable green trade mark” reward by Vietnam engineering and scientific association, “Green technology” award by Trading and Industrial Ministry in 2009, and in 2012 the Chinfon cement Corporation honorably was introduced by Haiphong Department of Natural Resources and Environment to take part the award “environmental friendship FDI enterprise” held and rewarded by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.  

Chinfon Cement Nov 01, 2012

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