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Chinfon Football Cup

H1N1 prevent


- All employees such as Security at Main Gate, Drivers, Truck Scale Operators,

Cookers and who often directly contact with customers should wear personal

mask during working.

- Must co-operate with temperature measurement staff for checking temperature

before getting on the bus at Binh station (if going by bus) or before coming in

company (if going by personal vehicle).

- Before coming in and going out company, must wash hands with antiseptic

solution after getting fingerprint.


- Frequently monitor initiatively your health. If detect the sign of flu symptom,

you must inform Managers and medical sec. at once for being consulted and

supported in cure.

- Employees living in CFC’s dormitory: must wash hands with antiseptic

solution and also must measure body temperature before coming in company.

Chinfon Cement Nov 06, 2009

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