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Being one of leading cement manufacturers in Vietnam, with the principle "Quality is the first" Chinfon cement always pays special attention to product quality control, considers product quality as one of the most important factors for competition in the market. Buying cement produced by Chinfon cement, the customer can feel secure about product quality. Each cement bag before being launched into market has to overcome a strict quality control process which is equipped with mordern & precise testing equipments.

Quality control of raw materials & fuel: Chinfon Cement established the quality standards for all raw materials and fuel of production process. Raw materials, fuels after arriving to Chinfon unloading jetty will be taken sample by Quality control department to test quality indexes. Only the raw materials, fuels meet the approved quality standard is received & used into production process; the raw materials, fuels cannot meet the quality standard will be rejected.

Quality control of semi-products, finished-goods: The cement products of Chinfon Cement are produced mostly according to national standard TCVN 6260:2009; a small quantity is produced according to internation standard such as: EN, ASTM for export. In order to control the quality of cement product, Chinfon Cement also establishes the quality standard for all semi products of production process. The semi products of production process are taken sample every hour to test the quality indexes, the test result is transferred on-line to Center Control Room, it helps to adjust timely proportional ratio and operation parameters to assure the cement products meet the quality standard.

In order to well implement the quality control task, quality control department which is equipped with mordern testing equipments, well trained staffs has been established. Since 2003, the quality control department has been accredited by Bureau of Accreditation to be in conformity to International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2008.


The well trained engineers having good experience ensure the analytic process of chemical composition of cement products and raw materials are accurated & reliable.

Strictly controlling the testing environment according to TCVN ensure the physical properties, particularly the compressive strength of our cement products are expressed in objective, true way and satisfied customers' demand

Base on the modern equipments such as: X-Ray spectrometer, automatic sampler system, atomic absorption spectrometer, computer…controlled parameters will become accurate, timely so that optimize production process, ensure high quality of our products

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