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CFC's Customer Services

Customers who come to get CFC’s products all feel satisfied our special and dedicated customer services.

Chinfon Cement Corporation has been paying much attention to build modern dispatching systems with preeminent functions responding perfectly the demands of the customers. We are able to dispatch cement products in bag cement, bulk cement and clinker in both roadway and waterway in 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

The parking place for trucks in the front of the main gate is available for tens of heavy load trucks and water surface at the loading jetty can allow vessels with capacity up to 3,000 DWT to load cement products conveniently.

To make convenient service, all the trucks arriving to load cement are normally classified into three categories: heavy load trucks (above 20 MT), light trucks (below 20 MT) and bulk tankers. To ensure the fairness of first in first out rule, the trucks are registered by digital numbering system which is seen as one of the special features of CFC’s customer service chain.  The waiting time of registered trucks is limited within two hours, and the maximum time to get through all procedures of loading products is also limited at 2 hours. If any abnormal case(s) occur, the whole system will be alerted for the immediate solution.

The Company’s weight scales are controlled by computerized systems which ensure the accuracy of the quantity of the products paid by the customers. The customers who want to make orders for the company’s products can enjoy the online order function of the website of the Company, which is not only very convenient but also save a lot of time and operation cost for the customers.

Service after sale of the Company is also one of the factors that built its good reputation. The sale department always proactively responds to the feedbacks of the customers about the quality of the Company’s products. The Company’s technical staffs will be on time to provide customers technical supports in their needs.

With the goal of setting customer service as the central of business, we strongly believe to provide our customers satisfaction whenever they come to cooperate with us.

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