Guide to digital transformation for Vietnamese businesses

Monday  18/10/2021
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For the first time in Vietnam, the Digital Transformation Manual for businesses has just been published to provide information, roadmap and technology solutions for businesses to refer to at http: //


This Guide has been developed by experts from the College of Business Support Program for the 2021-2025 period of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Project Promoting Improvement ways and improve the connectivity capacity of small and medium enterprises (LinkSME) to implement.

According to experts of the College of Business Support Program for the 2021-2025 period of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the digital transformation roadmap for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam is recommended through the following common stages: : The preparation phase and 3 stages to make the gradual transition from “doing digital” to “being digital”.

Specifically, the preparation phase: Identify the goals and strategies of the college.

Stage 1: Mastering business models such as applying digital technology (CNS), deploying CNS application to supply chains, accounting and finance operations, building a common database framework on business, supply application, accounting and business security policy.

Stage 2: Mastering the management model such as perfecting the governance model, building and perfecting the governance model from organizational structure, people, policies, and processes to all functional areas. of enterprises, applying CNS to the management reporting system.

Phase 3: Connecting business and administration, innovating to create new products and services, building a common database in the entire enterprise, and applying new CNS to ensure information security , network security for data of the whole enterprise.

This is the first document that summarizes the map of technology solutions, independently assesses the overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions, compares the readiness of domestic and international solutions. on the Vietnamese market for businesses to consult and find the most suitable solution for their business conditions.

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