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Enviroment Protect Activities in CFC

Wednesday  18/11/2020
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As soon as its establishment, Chinfon Cement Corporation has been aware of the importance of environmental protection as well as its own obligation and mission in the works of keeping the environment clean and safety.


Since it was introduced in Vietnam cement industry, the Company has been investing and nonstop improving environmental management program with the targets: minimizing heats in clinker production, minimizing dust emission, noise and minimizing power consumption in cement production process. The Company has been always proactively, regularly mobilizing the employees in tree plantation and keeping the environment green, clean and beautiful.

The movement of planting trees in CFC on the occation of new spring 2012

With the mission of producing and supplying high quality of cement products to domestic and international markets, the Company has been always making best efforts on getting its business goals and minimizing the unexpected negative impacts on the environment. This is a really big challenge; therefore, all of the Company’s employees have been shoulder by shoulder, combining forces together in environment protection. The efforts of the Company in the works of environment protection has been acknowledged by the Ministries and Sectors with the honorable awards: “Sustainable and Green Brand” (granted by Vietnam Association of Science and Technology dated June 5, 2008), “Green Technology” (granted by Ministry of Industry and Trade dated September 24, 2009) and specially in the beginning of 2012, the Company has been honorably introduced by Haiphong Department of Natural Resources and Environment to represent for FDI enterprises in Haiphong City to apply for the Award named “FDI Enterprise friendly to environment” organized by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. In order to inherit and promote those achievements, we commit:

  • To follow exactly the regulations and relating requirements on the the works of preventing pollution during production, transportation and distribution of cement products;
  • To propagandize deeply and widely the policies of environment protection to the entire of the Company’s employees, encouraging the employees to participate in the process of planning to improve the production efficiency, materials and energy savings, minimizing (reject and prevent) environmental pollution and preparing the plans to react emergency incidence …
  • To make best efforts in equipments’ upgrade and technique improvement to minimize the pressure on environment;
  • To propagandize the policies of environment protection to the Company’s customers and partners and calling for the agreement of combining forces to protect environment.



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