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November: Cement consumption slowed down

Friday  30/12/2022
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Entering the last months of the year, in contrast to previous years, cement consumption demand tended to slow down due to construction projects boosted the purchase of construction materials last month. On the other hand, the purchasing power of the market was somewhat reduced due to limited cash flow and economic difficulties in the residential area.


According to statistics from the Cement Industry Report in November, the whole cement industry output reached 6.33 million tons, equivalent to October's output. Cement consumption increased slightly by about 4% compared to the previous month but decreased sharply compared to 2021, only reached about 7.79 million tons.


Consumption of clinker and cement in November 2022

Domestic cement consumption in November decreased by 2% compared to October, reached 5.26 million tons. Accumulating 11 months, cement consumption in the domestic market is estimated at 57.19 million tons. Export of cement and clinker in November still kept increasing momentum, reached 2.51 million tons. 11 months export of cement and clinker was estimated at 28.87 million tons.

In November, the main markets such as China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Malaysia... improved significantly. Particularly, the Philippines decreased slightly due to the problem of imposing defensive taxes on some enterprises importing from Vietnam.

In terms of export value, it increased by 13% compared to October to approximately USD 106.41 million, equivalent to 53% over the same period in 2021.

There was almost no price adjustment in the market, but in order to promote sales, many producers continued to apply supportive and trade discounts policies, some producers continued to offer new cheap products to customers, openly reduce the selling price in the market.

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