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The situation of cement supply - demand in regions in VietNam Cement market

Tuesday  15/06/2021
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The imbalance between supply and demand for cement in the North and the South is a reality that has taken place for many years in Vietnam's cement market.


The difference in natural characteristics of limestone resources has led to the uneven distribution of the number of cement plants in different regions. Total domestic demand for cement (excluding clinker sale and export) in 2020 reached 62.1 million tons, of which the consumption of cement in the North, Central and South reached 20.7 million tons, 16.1 million tons and 25.3 million tons, respectively. 

The total supply of Vietnam's cement market in 2020 reached a maximum of 108 million tons of cement based on capacity, corresponding to the output by North, Central and South regions being 60.9 million tons, 35.1 million tons and 12.1 million tons, respectively.  Excluding the volume of clinker exports, the Sount was said to have a minimum shortage of 13.2 million tons of cement, equivalent to 55% of the total cement demand in the South.


Limestone allocations and relative supply and demand of cement in the region Vietnam cement market 


Correlations of supply and demand by region and distribution of cement factories according to rotary kiln technology by region in 2020


Cement consumption by region in Vietnam's cement market in February & March 2021 

(Source: VNCA)