GDP growth in the third quarter decreased by 6.17%, the largest decrease ever

Thursday  30/09/2021
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On September 29, 2021, the General Statistics Office announced statistics on the social-economic situation of Vietnam in the third quarter and nine months of 2021.


According to the General Statistics Office, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2021 was estimated to decrease by 6.17% over the same period last year, the deepest decrease since Vietnam calculated and announced quarterly GDP to present. In which, agriculture, forestry and fishery increased by 1.04%; the industry and construction sector decreased by 5.02%; service sector decreased by 9.28%. Regarding GDP use in the third quarter of 2021, final consumption decreased by 2.83% over the same period last year; accumulated assets increased by 1.61%; exports of goods and services increased by 2.51%; imports of goods and services increased by 10.75%.

GDP in the first nine months of 2021 increased by only 1.42% over the same period last year due to the Covid-19 epidemic seriously affecting all sectors of the economy, many key economic localities had to implement social distancing to prolong the disease prevention campaign. In the general increase of the whole economy, the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector increased by 2.74%, contributing 23.52%; the industry and construction sector increased by 3.57%, contributing 98.53%; the service sector decreased by 0.69%, decreasing by 22.05%.

The General Statistics Office emphasized that the Covid-19 epidemic was complicated, seriously affecting trade and service activities. Negative growth in the first 9 months of 2021 of some service industries accounting for a large proportion has reduced the overall growth of the service sector and the entire economy.