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CFC implements the 5K message of the Ministry of Health

Wednesday  19/05/2021
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The Covid-19 epidemic is still developing extremely complicatedly, the number of infected people and deaths globally is increasing. To proactively prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Health has issued a 5K message:  "Khau trang (Masks) - Khu khuan (Disinfection) - Khoang cach (Distance) - Khong tap trung (Distractions) - Khai bao y te (Medical declaration)",  calling everyone to live together, safe from the disease.


- KHAU TRANG (MASKS): To wear cloth masks regularly in public places, places where there are many people; To wear medical masks at medical facilities and isolation areas.

- KHU KHUAN (DISINFECTION): To wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer. To clean frequently touched surfaces/items (doorknobs, phones, tablets, tables, chairs...). To keep clean, wash and keep the house well ventilated.

- KHOANG CACH (DISTANCE): To keep your distance when interacting with others.

- KHONG TAP TRUNG (DISTRACTION): Do not gather in large numbers.

- KHAI BAO Y TE (MEDICAL DECLARATION): To make Medical declaration on the NCOVI App; to install Bluezone application at https://www.bluezone.gov.vn to be warned about the risk of COVID-19 infection. When there are signs of fever, cough, difficulty breathing, please call the hotline of the Ministry of Health 19009095, or the hotline of the local health center for advice, support, and instructions for safe medical examination.

Let's continue to spread and carry out the 5K message of the Ministry of Health with CHINFON Cement Corporation.

Every citizen should be a soldier on the epidemic prevention front to repel the COVID-19 epidemic as soon as possible.‼️‼️