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Management of solid waste, hazardous waste at CFC

Tuesday  08/06/2021
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Chinfon Cement has to sort, collect, store and transfer and treat hundreds of tons of solid waste and hazardous waste every year.


One of the significant environmental aspects at CFC is the management of solid waste including hazardous waste, domestic waste and common industrial solid waste. This is a difficult and challenging job for the Company because there is a very close supervision by state management agencies, while the Company has a number of stages of generating solid waste, hazardous waste, and biological waste, ranging from mining to delivering, with dozens of types, large volume of wastes with hundreds of tons of hazardous waste, common industrial solid waste every year, with the participation of thousands of employees and contractors, especially in major overhaul and repair occasions.

However, with the special attention of the top management, the Company has applied ISO 14001 standard since the 2000s. Thanks to that, CFC has approached with advanced management methods according to international standards.

The company has planned from the establishment of a solid waste and hazardous waste management process, clearly assigning roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, staffing 2 environmental engineers to supervise on the site, manage by database whether the waste codes are generated as well as in the transfer and treatment; sorting network, collection containers consisting of hundreds of pieces with color codes, instruction labels; a storage system in accordance with national standards was built, including 15 concrete structure warehouses with roofs and doors to ensure waterproof, clear codes for each type of waste according to TCVN, and equipment gutter, fire extinguisher system with a total area of ​​375 m2 in the main plant area, 18 m2 in the quarry area.

Standard and professional solid waste and hazardous waste storage system.

During the transfer and processing stages, the Company also seeks and signs contracts with partners who are professional and qualified companies in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Every year, when developing an environmental protection plan, the budget for the collection, transfer and treatment of solid waste, domestic waste and hazardous waste is always prioritized. The annual implementation cost is up to 400 to 500 million VND.

Sorting network, collection container includes hundreds of pieces with color codes, instruction labels

The reduction of the amount of solid waste, hazardous waste, and hazardous waste is also included in the annual environmental protection goal and propagated to all employees and contractors by the Company. The company also thoroughly applied waste reduction measures such as using oil catch trays instead of oil rags, classifying emission sources to avoid generating hazardous waste due to oil contamination, and separating recyclable solid waste. from HW. The emission volume is periodically reported to the Company's leadership and reviewed in the monthly briefing.

Monitoring and tracking waste volume by database.

Procedures such as registration of waste source owners, waste transfer documents, annual reports on waste volumes are strictly carried out by the Company and reported to State Agencies.

During the management process, the Company also received timely support and guidance from state management agencies such as Hai Phong City Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

With the above factors, overcoming the difficulties and challenges, the management of solid waste, domestic waste and hazardous waste at CFC has achieved remarkable achievements: the volume of waste in 2020 has decreased by 51.50% compared to the year 2016, significantly contributed to the overall environmental protection activities of the Company.